Mask "Classic"
Mask "Classic"
Mask "Classic"
Mask "Classic"
Mask "Classic"
Mask "Classic"
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Mask "Classic"

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  • The mask has three layers, one of them is a removable filter (non-woven fabric).
  • Each mask has 5 removable filters, one of them is already inserted in the mask.
  • The mask has elastic bands.


  • 100% cotton.


  • It is recommended to wear a mask for 1-2 hours and wash it after every use.
  • If you have removed the mask, it is recommended not to wear it again without washing or ironing.
  • Abstain from eating or drinking while wearing the mask.
  • It is recommended to change the removable filter every time. If you are out of them, other like filter materials can be used: material would be dried out wet wipes (unscented), brand new polyester floor wipes (dry ones), or even non-woven gauze from the pharmacy.
  • The mask should be put on in a clean environment, not in public space like shops or common corridor.


  • You can wash your masks, along with your clothes, in the washing machine. Up to 60 °C.
  • You can wash it by hands. It is recommended an additional disinfection such as ironing.

IMPORTANT: These are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE). We do not recommend them as defense against the person who is wearing it from contracting a virus. They are intended for personal use in non-medical settings in the hope of containing the spread of the virus. For hygienic purposes, face masks cannot be returned or exchanged after delivery.