Izzie Bag is a perfect companion for a variety of activities like errands or travel. Besides being a stylish accessory it also has a significant environmental impact.

🖤 Less Plastic Waste
Izzie Bag is made from 100% cotton. Bags can be used many times, thus contributing to the reduction of plastic in our society. Swapping plastic bags out for a reusable Izzie Bags is a simple way to lessen your environmental impact.
🖤 Recycling
Cotton used in the production can be easily recycled. Even though it is not recycled, cotton is a natural fabric that is readily biodegradable and can be composted.
🖤 Durability
Izzie Bags are easy to wash and made from strong material so you can reuse them multiple times and avoid hundreds and thousands of plastic bags.
🖤 Zero Waste
Izzie Bag bags are cut in such a way that generates little or no textile waste in the production.


Next time you’re on your holidays, do not forget Izzie Bags.
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